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MAIN ARTICLES: The Jesus Puzzle
Presenting the basic case for the non-existence of an historical Jesus and a different origin of Christianity.


Adding Pieces to the Jesus Puzzle
Further studies on a wide range of topics concerning the historical Jesus and the Jesus myth. Each one adopts the viewpoint that problem questions or documents are best solved when approached from the position that there was no historical Jesus. At the same time, these articles will help provide a greater insight into the origins of Christianity, the object of its worship and the source of its ideas.
  • No. 1: Apollos of Alexandria and the Early Christian Apostolate
  • No. 2: A Solution to the First Epistle of John
  • No. 3: Who Crucified Jesus?
  • No. 4:The Odes of Solomon
  • No. 5:Tracing the Christian Lineage in Alexandria
  • No. 6: The Source of Paul's Gospel
  • No. 7: Transfigured on the Holy Mountain: The Beginnings of Christianity
  • No. 8: Christ as "Man": Does Paul Speak of Jesus as an Historical Person?
  • No. 9:A Sacrifice In Heaven: The Son in the Epistle to the Hebrews
  • No. 10: Josephus Unbound: Reopening the Josephus Question
  • No. 11: Revelation: The Gospel According to the Prophet John
  • No.12: Crossing the Threshold of History: Jesus in the Apostolic Fathers at the Turn of the Second Century
  • No. 13A: The Mystery Cults and Christianity: Introduction and Survey of the Cults
  • No. 13B: The Mystery Cults and Christianity: On Comparing the Cults and Christianity
  • No. 13C: The Mystery Cults and Christianity: A Review of Gunter Wagner's Pauline Baptism and the Pagan Mysteries
  • No. 13D: The Mystery Cults and Christianity: A Cult of Parallels: Pagan Myths and the Jesus Story
  • No. 14: The Cosmic Christ of the Epistle to the Hebrews (in three parts)
  • No. 15: "Born of Woman"? - Reexamining Galatians 4:4
  • No. 16: Josephus on the Rocks (a revised and expanded study of Josephus' references to Jesus)


A Novel About the Greatest Question of our Time
top My argument for the non-existence of an historical Jesus has been embodied in a contemporary novel about the state of secularism vs. fundamentalism at the end of the 20th century, and is now posted complete on the site. Direct access is provided to its individual components. Note that the novel files themselves (pdf) require the Adobe Acrobat Reader (a link is provided from the Introductory file to the Adobe site to download the Reader).